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    "CHINGLISH takes on a timely topic in a laugh-out-loud funny way…The cast was great, especially Jennifer Lim and Larry Lei Zhang. The clever plot kept me engaged and guessing until the end. All in all, CHINGLISH is great fun!"
    Cam, Rochester, NY

    "What a marvelous play…this is a marvelous cast, and even the timing of the surtitles brings laughs. I cannot recommend this more highly or thank the cast and crew enough for their work, it's brilliant!"
    kennicott, NJ

    "I was glued to the play from the beginning to the end…Anybody who has been lost in translation (whether it is in travel, culture, business, or love) can relate to the story. Go see it!!!!"
    Rebecca, New York, NY

    "The Broadway production of CHINGLISH sparkles."
    Andy, New York, NY

    "It has been a while since I've had so much fun at the theatre! The story CHINGLISH tells…is perfectly relevant to the society we live in."
    Bibi R., New York, NY

    "This show has it right on. The writing is fantastic, the set is great, the actors are so well directed, that you forget it's a play. What a fresh, new, concept."
    Theater Junkie, New York, NY

    "The story is not only perfectly crafted but very timely, funny and meaningful. You will really love this play. Go see it and enjoy."
    Ben, NY

    "The show is a laugh-a-minute."
    Scott, Chicago, IL

    "Kudos to the writer, director, production staff and the actors. I loved it! Go see it!"
    dlazovitz, Somers Point, NJ

    "This is a play that anyone who knows what is going on in the world can laugh and enjoy. Do yourself a favor and get down to the Longacre Theatre!"
    Mitchell, New York, NY

    "Watching Jennifer Lim go back and forth between Chinese and English is truly astounding—what a talent! Would definitely recommend this one to family and friends. Enjoy!"
    Gertrude, New York, NY


    "It was a delightful show with smooth and interesting script—go and watch it."
    Eve A.


    "The playwright has a keen mind and makes unexpected turns of plot and character believable in context. Well written, acted and directed. I loved it."

    "I laughed so hard my throat still hurts. Great acting, topnotch set design and the writing is simply brilliant! Do yourself a favor and see this show. You wont regret it."

    Broadway Box

    "A play that makes you think and keep thinking after the show is over. This play is a refreshing change."


    "This was awesome!!! Everyone should see it if they want smart, good theatre."
    Nichole Thompson-Adams

    "Best Show Opening This Week!! 25% Mandarin. 75% English. 100% Chinglishious."
    Christopher Pineda

    "Brilliant, funny, staging was amazing. Go see this smart show."
    Linda Higgins Yeazal

    "See this or regret it."
    Emily Chadick Weiss

    "An incredible, hilarious, smart look at the other side of the cultural clash."
    Tim Gilligan

    "To all New Yorkers: This is one of the funniest plays I've ever had the opportunity to see twice. Go see this!"
    Jesse Eisenberg

    "Fantastic production. I laughed and learned. Okay I laughed A LOT and learned. Brilliant."
    Ted Stephens III

    "Terrific play, superb cast, exquisite direction & production."
    Tom Ligon

    "Take a great script, add terrific talent, stir in an incredible set and get a hit. This is the best show I've seen in a long time."
    Anthony Jesse White


    If you are in NY, do yourself a favor & see @ChinglishBway. Side-splitting, gut-busting, knee-slapping, no stars but star-struck

    @ChinglishBway is such a smart, laugh-out-loud comedy!

    Socially relevant, thoughtfully executed, and absolutely hilarious. Thank you @DavidHenryHwang!

    @ChinglishBway was absolutely intelligent, entertaining and hilarious. It feels like a funny M Butterfly.

    Go see @ChinglishBway! Cleverly done, well directed, amazing set and quite hilarious #Handsdown

    @chinglishbway was very, very funny. Walked in knowing nothing about it and had a great time. Recommend it!

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